Saarland State Theater

Since 2009, we have been supporting Theater Saarbrücken with its ad sales, including obtaining advertisers for theater programs and handling ad sales through to delivery and invoicing.

Since 2011, we also have been assisting Theater Saarbrücken with its continuing press relations in France and Luxembourg, from editing and delivery of French press releases to contacting French journalists, to advising on media planning in France.

Announce the overall program and individual premiers at Theater Saarbrücken in the categories of opera, drama, ballet, and concerts in the media in France and Luxembourg; increase attendance from France and Luxembourg; increase theater publicity in neighboring countries; in terms of ad sales, achieve stable revenue by obtaining advertisers for theater publications


  • Guidance on overall communication and topic selection for French audiences
  • Press relations in France with emphasis on regional media in Lorraine and Luxembourg as well as national cultural trade press
  • Invitation of French journalists to premieres and press conferences
  • Guidance on media planning in France
  • Planning and implementation of theater ad sales in the Great Region


  • Overall program for Theater Saarbrücken for each new season
  • Premieres in opera, drama, ballet, and concerts that are of particular relevance to francophone audiences (e.g., French-overtitled productions, productions relating to France)