gebana is a pioneering Swiss fair-trade company out of Zurich. What began in the 1970s with the banana women and fair-trade bananas (the name “gebana” is derived from the German “gerechte Bananen”) is now a company with around 700 employees worldwide, 96 percent of whom live in countries south of the equator. gebana's vision is fair and sustainable global trade.

In 2022, we provided gebana with basic consulting with regard to communication in France, and planned and executed an initial media campaign in the spring of that year. From the assessment of this pilot campaign, we worked with the client to conceive and execute two media campaigns for the fall of 2022.

Targeting of new customers in France; raising of awareness of gebana as a high-end retailer of groceries and other organic and fair-trade goods


  • Consultation relating to communication in France; conception of media campaigns in the French market; consultation on the selection of media for a French insert, incl. order coupon/QR code; ad placements
  • Execution of campaigns; booking of selected media; settlement, incl. invoicing
  • Assessment of media campaigns; analysis of results and derivation of how to proceed with future campaigns in France


  • Organic lifestyle
  • Nature/garden/outdoors
  • Cycling/sustainable transportation
  • Awareness/health