Roppenheim The Style Outlets

We were first able to help the outlet mall “Roppenheim The Style Outlets”, which opened in 2012, with organizing a Franco-German press conference in 2017 for their five-year anniversary. One major success was the strong attendance by German media representatives, including SWR Radio, Schwarzwaldradio, Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Badisches Tagblatt, Mittelbadische Presse, and Rheinpfalz.

Since 2020, we have been assisting with the outlet mall’s continuing press relations in Germany. German clientèle, which makes up around 40% of all shoppers, is a vital economic factor for the outlet mall in Alsatian Roppenheim. Despite a two-month closure due to the coronavirus pandemic in spring 2020, we were able to successfully resume communications in Germany following a brief lull. Some positive examples are an interview by Jürgen Volz of Badisches Tagblatt with director Christophe Girard on how the mall is handling the coronavirus crisis and an article by Anika Pfisterer of Mannheimer Morgen on the regional outlets’ economic situation three months after the coronavirus forced them to close.

Regular reporting in southwestern German media on the overall concept of the Alsatian shopping mall “Roppenheim The Style Outlets”; announce current events and offers; attract around 40% of German customers from neighboring Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate


  • Guidance on overall communication and topic selection for German audiences
  • Press relations in Germany
  • Organization of interviews and press conferences
  • Support for German-language journalists on location
  • Organization of contests


  • Overall concept of outlet mall “Roppenheim The Style Outlets” in Alsatian Roppenheim, brand offering and commercial development
  • Seasonal events and offers, e.g., for Carnival, Easter, summer, Halloween, Christmas
  • Structural changes, new services, opening of new brand stores
  • Dealing with extraordinary situations, e.g., coronavirus