Explor Wendel Park

We have been assisting the Explor Wendel Park with its communications in France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg since the opening of its mining museum, “The Wendel Miners”, in 2012. Aside from ongoing press relations and media planning consultation, we also initiate and support cooperation with partners in the border areas of Germany. Over the past years, we have forged successful collaborations with partners such as the foundation Stiftung Demokratie Deutschland, the Saar Historical Museum, and the Musikfestspiele Saar music festival.

We are thrilled about the sustained interest in the museum’s work from media in the Saarland, such as the periodicals Saarbrücker Zeitung, Wochenspiegel, and OPUS Kulturmagazin as well as the broadcaster Saarländischer Rundfunk. Highlights from reporting across Germany include a ZDF/3SAT report on Franco-German cooperation in 2019 as well as a report on Phoenix from September 2020 on living at the border before and during the time of COVID-19.

Regular reporting in German-language media on the overall concept of the Explor Wendel Park museum complex on the former mining site in Petite-Rosselle in Lorraine; announce temporary exhibits and cultural events such as concerts, markets, and festivals in the media; increase the number of visitors from Germany and Luxembourg; further develop the network of partners in neighboring Saarland


  • Guidance on overall communication and topic selection for German-language audiences
  • Press relations in Germany and Luxembourg
  • Organization of press trips and press conferences
  • Support for German-language journalists on location
  • Guidance on media planning in Germany and Luxembourg
  • Organization of contests
  • Contact with French partners in culture, tourism, and public administration, brokerage of and support for cooperative partnerships


  • “The Wendel Mine” permanent exhibition mine and “The Wendel Miners” mining museum
  • Temporary exhibits on mining, regional history, art, and culture
  • Cultural events, markets, and festivals on the Explor Wendel Park grounds
  • Franco-German cooperation